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Tetris Shaped Bean Bags

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Waterproof Tetris Bean Bags

With tetris bean bags you can build a castle or a wall, or simply make amazing looking designs with these toy like bean bags. They a faun activity for the children and the adults too because you never run out of imagination with these. Collecting all shapes will give you the opportunity to build amazing stuff and it is the best creative fun activity for the young children because they can play Tetris in real life with the outdoor tetris bean bags.

We have a huge collection of waterproof tetris bean bags in a variety of colours to make them look appealing and follow the real Tetris rules. These water proof bean bags are specifically designed to be washable as they will be mostly used to play and will get stained or dirty. The waterproof fabric do not let it get stained but owing to the bright colours they might look a bit dusty after frequent playing. Our tetris bean bags can be easily washed to let the fun begin without worrying about the aftermath.